7 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

7 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Posted by GEN3 Team on May 12th 2021

Every day, we are amazed by rapidly evolving technology, sometimes with groundbreaking medical treatment and other times with new forms of transportation to keep us healthy and active.

Today, there are over a billion bikes worldwide, the number of those that feature electric assistance are on the rise. These electric bikes include motors and rechargeable batteries that allow them to go significantly faster than a regular bicycle while requiring less physical effort.

They can also help you stay in shape and healthy, especially when compared to driving a car.

We have rounded up our top seven reasons to ride an electric bike, all of which apply to the four models offered by GEN3.

1: Electric Bikes are Fast

While you won’t see pedal assist bikes cruising down the highway, electric bikes are more than capable of keeping up with urban traffic. The four frame styles offered by GEN3 all incorporate pedal assist and throttle, which give you an adjustable boost up to 20mph.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may even need to watch out for speeding tickets! However, the bikes offered by GEN3 are designed for the Class 2 designation, which are legal to ride in most places without a permit or liability insurance.

This makes electric bikes a fantastic choice for commuters, where the electric assist features help you cover longer distances, while still having the energy to make it through your day.

2: They Can Improve Your Fitness

It’s a common misconception that electric bikes can’t offer a workout like traditional cycling, but with the added weight of the batteries and motor, you can definitely work up a sweat. Just turn down the pedal assist, lay off the throttle, and you’ll be feeling the burn in no time.

Not only can you get an aerobic workout, but studies show that riding a bike is also great for strengthening your muscles and bones, which can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

GEN3 electric bikes allow the rider to change how much effort is required to pedal the bike all from the display mounted on the handlebars. You can customize the ride to push yourself when you want to exercise, and still have the option to relax when you’re done.

A study published in the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives journal, actually found that pedal assist bikers were getting more exercise than traditional cyclists because they rode more frequently and for longer distances.

The ability to customize assistance can also make cycling more accessible for those with physical limitations.

3: E-Bikes are Nature Friendly

Electric bikes are also better for the environment than gas powered cars because they don't produce any emissions. This means that for every trip you take where an electric bike replaces a car, you’re helping combat climate change and reduce pollution.

However, even with the reduced emissions, the batteries can be damaging to the environment if not properly recycled. Luckily, there are services that collect lithium-ion batteries for recycling, including Call2Recycle ® in the United States. They have partnered with major retail stores including Home Depot and Lowes to offer convenient drop-off locations for spent lithium-ion batteries.

4: Getting Started is Affordable

You may be surprised that the price of electric bikes has come down in recent years as they have gained popularity. These days, it’s easier than ever to find an affordable option in your price range.

Electric bikes are also much cheaper to maintain when compared to the required maintenance for gas powered cars. Along with not needing to pay for gas or insurance, switching to an electric bike can save you thousands of dollars a year.

They can be even cheaper than a regular bicycle since the only difference is the electric motor, which is a minor portion of manufacturing costs.

With GEN3, you can get started for just $1,299 with “ The Stride”, which is less expensive than what the average person spends maintaining their car for a year!

5: There Are Many Attractive Designs

These days, you’re sure to find an electric bike that fits your style, since they come in a variety of different frame shapes and styles.

GEN3 offers styles ranging from a commuter friendly step through, The Stride, to our fabulous fat tire beast, The OutCross. If you’re looking for a more traditional looking bike frame with 21-speed shifting, The Flex may be a perfect fit for you. For those with small spaces, or whose cars can’t support a bike rack, The Groove is a folding fat tire bike designed to make storage simple, without sacrificing the fat tire fun.

It's also simple to customize e-bikes since the parts are usually easy to interchange and take off. This gives you the ability to make your e-bike unique and fun!

6: E-Bikes Conserve Your Energy

Moreover, e-bikes are a great way to conserve energy, so when you don’t have it in you to pedal, use the throttle to get up to full speed with no pedaling required!

This means that your legs will not get tired as quickly and you can enjoy more hours of fun without having to stop. They're great at climbing hills too, which is important if you live in hilly areas where traditional bicycles tend to lose power during uphill rides.

Overall, this means you can spend more time riding outside, which can significantly decrease your stress levels and make you happier throughout the day.

7: They’re Outright Fun

Saving money, making climate conscious transportation choices, and increasing your activity level are all great, but our favorite thing about electric bikes is that they are fun to ride!

The first time you ride with the sky above and the open road below, you’ll feel the same freedom and joy as a kid learning to ride for the first time.

Ready to Ride?

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