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Electric Bike Commuting 101

Electric Bike Commuting 101

Posted by GEN3 Team on Apr 5th 2021

Riding to work on an electric bike brings next level fun to your morning routine. There are a few things you can do to prepare so your ride is safe and smooth. Here are a few tips that will make the daily trek the best part of your workday.

Do a dry run on the weekend

First of all, we speak from experience when we say: do a dry run if you’re going further than a mile or two. Practice your commute on the weekend, when you’re not in a hurry, and you’ll learn more about your route, clothing that works (or doesn’t) and the travel time you’ll need to plan for in the morning.

Charge Your Battery

Make sure your battery is charged before you hit the road. You can tell that your battery is fully charged when the light turns blue. You’ll want to pack your charger too so you can charge up at work.

Wear a Helmet

Not so long ago helmets were not even on the radar of us non-competitive cyclists. Today, we know wearing a helmet is the simplest thing you can do to prevent a head injury – whether you’re commuting to work or on a joyride.

Know Your Route

Before you head out, make sure to plan your route. Check for traffic backups and road closures so you know what to expect on your ride. Take advantage of protected bike lanes or dedicated bike paths if you can. You’ll want to avoid construction zones as lanes can narrow, terrain can be unpredictable and everyone using the road can be confused by new traffic patterns.

Take your battery inside

If you leave your bike parked for a few hours or all day while you’re at work, take it into your workplace with you. An electric bike with no battery is less attractive for thieves, plus you might need to charge it for your trip home.

Secure your electric bike

Choose a high-quality lock that’s difficult for would-be thieves to cut. Lock your bike to a fixed, permanent object, and lock up the wheels with a cable lock if you are able. Even if you have access to a bike room at work or school, it’s still important to lock up your ride.