Electric Bike Review - The Outcross - Perfect to take off-road and in the city

Electric Bike Review - The Outcross - Perfect to take off-road and in the city

Posted by Laura Cowan, INHABITAT on Feb 23rd 2022

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GEN3 has created a new e-bike called the Outcross. The Outcross features four-inch fat tires, a front suspension and an aluminum frame to go with its Bafang 500W rated-motor and 1000W Peak Rear Hub Motor with 1:5 Planetary Gears. Battery is 500Wh in-frame and 48V/10.4Ah. What does that all give you? About 80N/m of torque, which is quite a bit for a bike.

Thumb throttle helps you kick the GEN3 Outcross e-bike into different levels of assist on top of your ordinary mechanical gear setup. The Outcross even comes with a bike bell and kickstand if you want to kick it old school. Best of all, the Outcross has an aluminum frame to help keep some of the weight down. Mechanical disc brakes round out the specs, Shimano shifter, and aluminum rims.

The Outcross can handle on-road city biking just fine, but you’ll want to deflate those fat tires slightly for off-road trail riding or you’ll be feeling every rock. The Outcross is heavy at 65.3 pounds, and it takes six hours to charge, but that’s not bad with a little planning and not too much hauling this thing over your shoulder. After all, this bike is supposed to be hauling you.

Level one assist helps give you a breezy lift when you’re pedaling, and level two with that thumb throttle takes you up hills without straining. If getting an e-bike has been on the back burner because you’re not sure if the power is enough, know that the GEN3 Outcross goes all the way up to five, which is a better way to help you haul things without doing all the work yourself.

The GEN3 Outcross might be a bit heavy, but it is worth the $1,699 $1,199 price with a range of 35 miles per charge, depending on conditions. Assembly is required, and there is some packaging waste, but given how much fuel you could save driving this instead of a car to buy groceries locally, the GEN3 Outcross is a good option for quite a range of bike-loving city dwellers or even a few off-roading weekend warriors.

Read the full review here.