The GEN3 Stride Electric Bike — CleanTechnica Review

The GEN3 Stride Electric Bike — CleanTechnica Review

Posted by Kyle Field on Nov 22nd 2021

Photos and article by Kyle Field 

In a world where electric bike prices seem to just keep going up, GEN3 has dropped the Stride at the incredibly affordable price of $1,499. On paper, it fires on all cylinders, with a 500-watt rear hub motor, 10Ah frame-integrated battery, included rear rack, and an attractive and functional step-through frame. But that only tells half the story.

GEN3 sent us the Stride for us to run through the paces and after pounding the pavement for a few weeks, we’re back to tell the tale.

At first glance, the GEN3 Stride looks like a tame commuter bike. The white, step-through frame, the compact 26″ x 1.75″ CST hybrid tires, and the frame-integrated battery all contribute to an understated look. It almost looks shy. Over the years of reviewing electric bikes, I have ridden just about every combination under the sun, from underpowered single-speed vehicles to mega monsters that push the limits of what’s legally allowed within the definition of an electric bike.

Scanning the bike as if reading a book by its cover, as we all do at first glance, I mounted the Stride and casually took off up the street, pulling a wheelie. I was instantly impressed as the torque from the Bafang 500-watt rear hub motor kicked in and threatened to turn my lazy wheelie into something altogether more acrobatic. With a renewed sense of respect for the bike, I continued up the hill from my house, throttling down the pedal assist to a more tame level.

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