The Verve vs. The Verve Pro

The Verve vs. The Verve Pro

Oct 21st 2021

Electric scooters are incredible for short-distance trips. They are more space-efficient than cars, and they cut down on the total number of vehicles that need to be produced for everyone to get around. Yet, many electric scooters don’t live up to their full potential because they aren’t fast enough or long-lasting enough. GEN3 offers electric kick scooters that provide a new perspective, especially if your only experience is riding clunky rentals.

Both the electric scooters offered by GEN3 have powerful 350W brushless motors, integrated lighting, and LED displays. The lightweight aluminum frames are both easy to fold and serve as a handle for carrying the scooters around once the handlebar clip is locked onto the rear fender. What’s more, airless honeycomb tires flex over bumps in the ground and won’t ever go flat. However, there’s more to explore here than the price to decide which scooter is right for you.

So today, we're comparing the Verve and Verve Pro electric scooters so you can understand who each model is made for and make an informed scooter purchasing decision. Let’s jump into the comparison and see what both have to offer!

The Verve

The Verve is designed with the last mile commuter in mind, with a lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry and store. It features a top speed of 15+ miles per hour and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. This also makes it ideal for college campus commuting, where speeds rarely exceed 15 mph, and where vehicle dismounting may be required such as sidewalks and courtyards.

Designed with both style and safety in mind, the lithium-ion battery pack is subtly integrated into the frame and meets stringent UL2271 standards. It recharges faster than the Verve Pro, in just 4 hours, which allows you to easily plug it in while at work or school and be ready to go by the

end of your day. The integrated lighting system runs on the same battery, meaning you never need to charge the front headlight or rear brake light.

Like the Verve Pro, The Verve features an integrated LED display that shows you key information while you’re riding. You can monitor your current speed, battery level, and speed settings. For more information, use the Bluetooth connection feature with The Verve companion app to see a tripmeter, odometer, and troubleshoot with the self-diagnostic feature.

While it doesn’t have all the fancy features on The Verve Pro, The Verve’s lighter weight frame and lower price make it ideal for shorter distance commuters and students.

The Verve Pro

While The Verve has all the features you need, upgrading to The Verve Pro brings premium comfort and performance. The front wheel features integrated suspension, which is the most prominent physical difference between the two models. Combined with the 10 inch puncture proof tires, compared to the 8.5 inches on The Verve, The Verve Pro absorbs cracks and bumps in the road for a smoother ride.

For the commuter with some ground to cover, The Verve Pro offers an additional 10 miles of range, bringing the scooter up to an estimated 30 miles total. It will cost you an additional 3 hours of charging time to bring the battery up from empty to full, but it tops out at 7 hours, keeping it a viable choice for a commuter with an 8 hour work day. The size also makes it a challenge in a last-mile scenario, where it’s slightly larger frame is a bit harder to fit on a bus, however we have successfully commuted using the bus and The Verve Pro to the GEN3 office, so it can be done.

However, the size is also an advantage when it comes to supporting larger riders and more cargo. The Verve Pro weighs an additional 15 pounds when compared to The Verve, but it also supports up to 275 pounds, while The Verve can only support up to 225 pounds.

The most exciting feature though is arguably the extra speed. The Verve Pro electric scooter goes up to 18 miles per hour, and like The Verve, it features three speed settings plus walk assist. When traveling at full speed, The Verve Pro is a true joy to ride, and can help you get around quickly and easily.

How To Decide Which is Best for You

To figure out if the Verve or the Verve Pro is best for you, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions. What does the average terrain look like where I’m riding? How much range do I need for a successful trip? Which scooter will be more comfortable for me?

If you live in an area where there are plenty of inclines, The Verve Pro is going to be a better choice, because the extra range can counter the extra drain on the battery caused by riding uphill. It will easily handle inclines up to 15 degrees, but if it’s any steeper than that, you may prefer to use the walk assist function to conserve battery. If your area has a lot of uneven ground, The Verve Pro’s built in suspension will make your ride a lot more pleasant.

Visualize how the electric scooter will fit into your routine, and use your maps app to calculate how much distance you’ll need to cover. If you’re commuting by riding the bus and using your scooter, you might find The Verve is easier to handle. However if your commute is all scooter, then the extra 10 miles of range on The Verve Pro makes the premium model a better choice.

When it comes to comfort, The Verve Pro excels. With a larger deck and larger tires, you have more space when it comes to being on the scooter, which translates to a better experience when you’re on it. However, The Verve is more comfortable to carry around, easier to store, and charges faster, making it more convenient when you’re not actively using it.

Why Our Customers Love Their GEN3 Scooters

Beats Ride-share Alternatives

Many cities are now littered with ride share scooters, popping up on every corner, and literally getting kicked to the curb. Knowing that they will handle a lot of abuse from the public, they were designed to chunky and durable, and offer a questionable riding experience due to their communal nature. With a GEN3 electric scooter, you know exactly where it’s been, and won’t have to worry about sharing it with anyone.

From a cost standpoint, you can also save money by investing in a personal scooter over pricy by the hour services. Simply tally up the number of hours in a year to rent a scooter versus purchasing your own, and you may find it is a smart investment. What’s more, you’ll spend more time outside riding knowing you don’t need to weigh the cost of each ride.

Effortless To Use

Using an electric kick scooter is easy because you don't need any special training or licensing to ride. Simply turn the scooter on, step on the deck with one foot and push off against the ground with the other. Once the scooter is in motion, you simply push the thumb throttle to accelerate and pull the hand brake to slow down and stop.

The ease of use also makes this a great choice for younger and older riders who are looking to just get up and go. For teenagers and college students, electric scooters are a great choice for getting across their school campus, where the multiple speed modes can accommodate various levels of pedestrian traffic. For older riders, a GEN3 electric kick scooter can be a great way to explore more, even if walking long distances is difficult. With the scooter accessories bundle, you can easily use the scooter for running light errands around town.

Companion App Enabled

The GEN3 Verve companion app, available on the Apple and Google Play store, works with both scooter models and provides additional information about your ride. The app features a tripmeter, odometer, speed selection, light control, and locking. You can also see your battery level and current speed, as well as accessing in app directions by swiping down from the top of the app screen. What’s more, you can perform a diagnostic on the scooter from the app, which can be used to troubleshoot any issues when used with the manual. You can also start a support ticket with GEN3 from right in the app so their Washington State based service team can provide assistance quickly.