Halloween with GEN3

Halloween with GEN3

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 26th 2021

Halloween is the one evening a year dedicated to spooky fun, and GEN3 is here to help you make the most of it. Whatever your plans for the evening entail, an electric vehicle can help you go farther and faster, in addition to having more Halloween fun. Check out our top ways to #RideGEN3 this Halloween and pick up some costume inspiration featuring your ride!

1: Keep up with Kids

Halloween is fun, but often involves having to chase your kids around the neighborhood. An electric bike can help you keep up with your children, and if you want, you can get a great workout as well.

For older riders who are concerned about cycling stamina with cars on the road, riding an electric bike can help them stay safe. Our integrated lighting, including the display with electric assist controls, keep all the features safe and accessible at night. Or they could choose a GEN3 electric scooter, which requires no pedaling at all and can easily cover a small neighborhood.

2: Explore More

In many cities, neighborhoods are nearly as large as small towns. With a GEN3 electric ride, you will surely have enough range to get around without the use of a car. That means extra time added to your night trick or treating, and of course more candy collecting.

Our electric bikes have both pedal assist and throttle which means you only exercise when you want to, and the battery takes care of the rest. The rechargeable batteries can take you up to 40 miles, which should easily last all of Halloween night. Plus, if you’re bringing kids along in a trailer, they can easily hop out at each stop.

Electric scooters are the perfect vehicle for solo transportation, so if you’re just out to have fun, there’s no better way than with a scooter. The simple thumb throttle brings you up to top speed, and once you have maintained for a few seconds, you’ll hear a beep, meaning you have reached cruise control. This will maintain the scooter’s speed until you brake to slow down.

3: Makes Everything Safer

With so many pedestrians in the street, our priority is your safety. That’s why GEN3 bikes and scooters feature disk brakes that help you react quickly to unpredictable traffic, while front and back lighting keep you visible even if you’re wearing a dark costume.

They also feature integrated lighting, which helps you stay safe at night by not only lighting your way in front, but also increasing your visibility to cars from behind. The rear lighting feature on the scooter even blinks while you’re braking so you can safely signal to others.

Speaking of costumes, check out our ideas below for ways you can ride GEN3 in style this Halloween.

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Classic Witch on a Broom

Fly through the night on a classic witch’s broom and make the costume extra magical when you use only the throttle to seemingly take flight. Attach the broom to your bike by aligning the handle with your bike’s frame and taping or tying it down in a secure fashion. Make sure to keep the brush safely out of the way of any mechanical components.

To complete the look, add a classic pointy hat, and choose a short cape that leaves you free to pedal your bike. With 45 miles of range, The Groove is ready to power your candy collection all night long.

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Elliot and the Extra Terrestrial (E.T.)

To play the part, you’ll need the iconic red sweatshirt Elliot wears in the film, and a white blanket to wrap up your extra-terrestrial. The finishing touch is a basket like the E-Cargo QR Mesh Traveler from EVO, which not only serves as the seat for E.T. but can also store your extra candy.

If your neighborhood has a lot of hills, the 21-speed gears on The Flex will help you make the most of the night by increasing the efficiency of the pedal assisting boost. The hybrid tires also provide great traction, even if your escape route includes unpaved trails.

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Mario from Mario Kart

Looking for a classic that’s also kid friendly? Nintendo’s beloved plumber is easy to pull off with some overalls and a red hat. By tying a few balloons to the back of The OutCross you are ready to participate in the game’s most common mode, Balloon Battle.

Easily expand this to a group costume with multiple bikers and other franchise characters like brother Luigi and Princess Peach. Add color coordinated balloons, and you’re off to the races!

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Astronaut and Spaceship

For a costume that’s out of this world, consider the awesome astronaut in a spaceship. You could go all out and wear a full cardboard cutout, but for a minimal look, wear a white sweatshirt with some space themed patches.

Then, to get your bike in on the fun, you can recycle some 2L plastic bottles by applying a coat of silver paint and adding some paper flames. Attach these to the back of your bike, and voila! You have some rocket boosters.

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Cops and Robbers

Looking for a dynamic duo to match The Verve and The Verve Pro? With a few key accessories you can set up a chase scene and get away with all the candy.

For the cop, a navy collared shirt and aviators give a sense of authority. To top it off, add a matching blue hat with a black bill.

For the robber, the classic striped black and white shirt with black eye mask is instantly recognizable, while the dollar sign bag gives you the perfect place to stash your candy. Don’t want to hold an extra bag while riding? Then definitely check out the scooter accessories kit for a bag that will mount on the handlebars of either scooter.

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